Ever wonder why cabinet doors have a gap between them? Ever question why some cabinets have a lot of space between doors or very little space? This “gap” or “space” is called a door reveal. Door reveal refers to the portion of a cabinet frame left exposed after the door is attached. The size of your reveal is determined by the size of your doors in relation to your cabinet case frame. At Cabinets Quick we specialize in European style frameless cabinet construction, known for minimal cabinet case exposure. In traditional style cabinets a face frame allows for larger spaces between doors or case edges showing more of the cabinet frame.

Buying doors online can result in inconsistent door reveals. A custom order from Cabinets Quick will give you exact door and case measurements with high quality materials. The space between two doors or the space between a door and cabinet edge can be different measurements according to your desired look. All of our projects are processed, cut and assembled in Orange County to maintain our high quality standards for European cabinetry.

Our European style slab doors look best with a “tight reveal” where the distance between doors and the edge of the casing is kept as small as possible to give a seamless and consistent look while allowing enough space for hinge functionality. This is seen more in contemporary cabinet designs due to the continuous look created by limiting cabinet case exposure. Our showroom in Orange County near Angels Stadium hits a homerun with this modern design style.

Door reveals are one of the many reasons contractors, designers and homeowners prefer cabinets with custom options. We recently had a homeowner renovating their San Juan Capistrano Kitchen just a few miles north of San Clemente. The customer requested very specific door reveal sizes for base cabinets to accommodate their choice of kitchen countertop. The ultimate goal was to match the brand new kitchen appliances that were being installed using high gloss white acrylic for doors and finished ends. Our state of the art precision machines are able to cut materials at the exact sizes requested and when assembling the cabinets in our shop we can make sure our product is the best possible.

So now that you know about door reveals, take a look at your garage cabinets or your closet, kitchen, pantry, bedroom and anywhere else in your home to see how a contemporary cabinet system could raise the value of your home or elevate the look of your business office.