When it comes to doors, yes, “flat doors” are what we do. Cabinets Quick specializes in high-end European cabinetry, which is known for its simplistic slab fronts that create seamless finishes across multiple cabinets. But is that all we do? That’s a flat out no.

Last November, a husband came in looking to remodel his kitchen. “A Christmas gift,” he explained, for his deserving wife. He brought in a picture of his wife’s dream kitchen, a stunning space with cherry wood and traditional doors. We explained that although we wouldn’t be able to provide the type of doors they was looking for, we could still supply them with high quality cabinet cases and drawer boxes. The doors are what everyone sees, so it’s easy to forget how important the actual cabinet construction is. A good foundation is essential in any type of project, so why not start with cabinet boxes built with integrity from only the finest materials?

Take a look at a home we did in Newport Beach. Knowing we only provide flat slab doors, this family was worried Cabinets Quick wouldn’t be able to help them achieve their dream look. Fortunately in these situations, Cabinets Quick teams up with local door manufacturers in order to give the best of both worlds. We give customers quality cabinet cases and drawer boxes. SHOWROOM! Others give them the traditional doors they desire. End result? Perfection.

The same outcome has been achieved for numerous clients, including these kitchens for families in Anaheim Hills and Dana Point. Vastly different looks from what Cabinets Quick’s flat slab doors offer, but we were still able to provide each family with high end cabinet boxes and drawers while helping them decide on the perfect supplier for their door style needs.

But let’s not forget that complete projects are also available from Cabinets Quick. This Irvine residence is a perfect example of what we have to offer. Complete cabinets– boxes, drawers, and doors – were provided by Cabinets Quick to create this modern kitchen. From conception and design to execution and completion, Cabinets Quick was involved every step of the way.

So, don’t worry. “Flat doors” aren’t all we do.