European style cabinets made in America.

Cabinets Quick wants to bring you the best European style cabinets made in America. To guarantee a product that will last as long as you own the cabinets we wanted a hinge that could be dependable and durable enough to match the quality of our cabinets. Hinges do all the hard work and will be subjected to the most wear due to frequent use so we needed to have a product that would not fail. We use all European hardware to stay true to our style of cabinetry, flat slab full overlay doors on a frameless cabinet, and find that European hardware is recognized as very high quality in our industry.

Blumotion is Blum’s soft close technology.

We have access to many brands and styles of hinges and we will use whatever is requested by our customer but our standard hinge is cFor someone not familiar with hinge products that probably doesn’t tell you much but for us in the cabinet trade this product gives us a whole lot of confidence and convenience.

Blumotion is Blum’s soft close technology. A mechanism in the hinge cup slows down a closing door before it makes contact with the cabinet case eliminating the loud noise of a door slamming shut. This feature is great because it is convenient for our customers but also versatile. These hinges have a soft close deactivation switch for small or lightweight doors.

Inserta refers to the tool free easy insertion installation. Doors typically have a large bore hole for the hinge cup and two smaller holes for screws to align and secure the hinge. The inserta hinge has built in dowels that secure themselves, without any tools, into the screw holes by inserting them. The hinge cup is locked into the cup hole by simply pushing the locking lever down. This locking lever is easily released using a screwdriver and some light leverage, installation and removal takes seconds.

The hinge clips onto the top of the hinge plate without any tools.

Cliptop is a fast and easy method for securing your door hinge to the case hinge plate. This feature does exactly what the name implies, the hinge clips onto the top of the hinge plate without any tools. A small clip lever that can be operated with a single finger makes attaching doors onto your case fast and satisfying with a locking sound that lets you know the job is done. After your doors are installed use a screwdriver on the 6 adjustments screws to get the perfect fit.

We are proud to deliver cabinets made in USA with the best quality hardware from Europe. Blum offers a lifetime warranty on their hinge products and we have only had one defect return in over a decade of manufacturing our cabinets in Orange County. Come visit our showroom just down the street from the historical Orange Circle and we can show you how to remove and install our hinges in a minute.