When you find yourself tackling a project for demanding clients who only want the best while still remaining on a tight budget, Thermofoil is your answer. Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF) is comprised of a durable and flexible vinyl material that is heated and molded over medium density fiberboard. Unlike painted doors, Thermofoil is highly resistant to scratches and fading and does great in bathroom and kitchen settings due to its resiliency against liquid spills and moisture. Thermofoil has become the finish of choice when it comes to large projects such as apartment complexes, hotels, schools, and businesses because of its quality, price, and durability.

Since 2016, Cabinets Quick has been using the latest machinery and technology to create high-quality Thermofoil Doors. Thanks to the wide variety of finishes available – from high gloss and super matte to textures and colors mimicking real wood veneer – Thermofoil has found its place in higher-end residential settings. Not only can Thermofoil offer the look and feel of luxury finishes at a fraction of the price, but its ability to mold itself over uneven surfaces allows it to go where other materials cannot. Traditional raised panel and shaker style doors typically require five pieces of material to be assembled together in order to create a three-dimensional look. Thermofoil, on the other hand, can achieve the same look using a single piece of material. A wide range of designs can be cut directly into a door panel, allowing the Thermofoil to create a seamless finish while eliminating the need for multiple pieces and additional assembly.

Thermofoil is the perfect choice for homeowners with set budgets wanting to create high-end custom living spaces. Its ability to simulate a variety of textures and finishes makes it almost impossible not to find a Thermofoil that works perfectly for any project. Take a look at Cabinets Quick’s catalog for the most popular Thermofoil door finishes. It is available in both slab and shaker door styles.

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