American manufacturer Cabinets Quick has introduced Fenix, a modern kitchen cabinet with an innovative finish. The smooth surface features thermal healing technology with restorative, self-repairing qualities.

A customer can easily erase micro-scratches on the cabinet surface by using a damp towel and iron. The heat will initiate the thermal healing process, in which the surface molecules realign themselves as long as the scratch has not penetrated too deep.

In addition to thermal healing, the revolutionary Fenix materials, made with multilayer coating and hardened acrylic resins, are highly resistant to abrasion and household cleaners. The opaque, soft touch, anti-fingerprint surface ensures the material will stay neat with just simple cleaning methods. It is also anti-microbial, perfect for high-touch areas.

Cabinets Quick’s range is constructed from high-quality materials in California, where they integrate traditional techniques with industry-leading production methods.

Fenix is available in a range of options, allowing for greater customisation of your kitchen cabinets.