Requently Asked Questions

Are Cabinets Quick boxes cut to my specific size requirements?
Cabinets Quick provides outsourced, custom cabinet boxes. Within broad constraints regarding raw material sizes, cabinets will be sized to your specifications.

What is the allowed manufacturing tolerance?
+ or 1/32 or .5mm is the general tolerance for Cabinets Quick products.

Can boxes be ordered with 1/2?, 5/8? or 3/4? thick backs?
Yes. For a fee covering extra material, backs can be ordered as plant on or daddoed in.

What are some of the additional custom options available from Cabinets Quick?
Custom width, height or depth of boxes, custom drilling patterns, custom interior configurations, adjust line drilling for face frame construction, edge banding from any of major manufacturers in PVCs and wood veneers or plastic laminates, and custom laid-up veneer panels are some of the more common options.

Does hardware come with my Cabinets Quick order?
When ordered with a job, Cabinets Quick supplies Euro-style hinges, drawer guides, system screws, etc. Currently, Cabinets Quick does not supply decorative hardware such as pulls or knobs, but check back as this option may be available soon.

Can grain be matched on my order?
Yes. For custom grade or premium grade cabinets, grain matched doors and drawers can be an additional option with your order. Please specify with your order.

How do I assemble the boxes?
Cabinets Quick uses two methods of joinery for cabinet boxes: 8mm x 30mm hardwood dowels, factory inserted, final glue joint by the customer. Clamping time is about 20-30 minutes. The alternate method is Confirmat screws which are supplied, no glue is required. In the event of a cabinet having one side with a finished end dowels construction is used on the finish side, Confirmat screws are provided with order.

If the components come to together on a pallet, how will I know what parts go with what?
Each part has a removable label that identifies it by cabinet number, part name and room name from the order. As pallets are unpacked, group cabinet numbers together. When all pallets are unpacked, each case will have all parts ready for assembly.

Are Cabinet Quick orders certified under the WI Quality Certification Program?
No. Inspections and certifications are the responsibility of the installer/assembler. In the event Cabinets Quick provides assembly, any inspections will be the responsibility of the purchaser. All cabinets are constructed to WI standards or greater.

Can I order custom cabinet boxes directly from the website?
Yes. Cabinets Quick makes ordering online easy. Simply use our design a room feature and begin processing your cabinet order.

Can I fax my order?
Yes. Download the Cabinets Quick catalog and order form and fax the completed order form to 714-532-9007.

Besides sending a faxed order, will Cabinets Quick accept an order via email?
Yes. The easiest way to order now is to order your cabinet boxes using our design a room functionality where you can visually process your order and submit it to Cabinets Quick for fulfillment.

What are your terms?
A 50% deposit is required at time of order confirmation, balance is due prior to shipping.

Does Cabinets Quick accept credit cards?
Cabinets Quick accepts Visa and MasterCard as additional forms of payment.

What is the minimum order?
There is no minimum order.

How can I get a printed product catalog?
A paper catalog may be downloaded from the site or email and request one to be sent via USPS.

Is Cabinets Quick a member of trade organizations?
Cabinets Quick is a member of Woodwork Institute.

Can I email you with questions?
Contact us anytime with questions or comments at

What melamine colors are kept in stock?
Cabinets Quick stocks 3/4", 5/8" & 1/4" thick panels in white. To keep prices down for our customers, Cabinets Quick orders any additional melamine colors necessary at the time of order fulfillment.

Will you manufacture cabinet boxes using other brands/types of panels?
Yes. Please request the type of materials you are interested in and Cabinets Quick can quote and fulfill your order accordingly. Other materials that may be used include, but are not limited to: Roseburg or Panolam products, Medite II, and Baltic Birch, Green Board, or Sustainable Forest materials.

What is the lead time for my order?
Orders can be fulfilled within 5-7 working days from the date of final order confirmation depending on material availability. For assembled orders 7-10 days is the normal turnaround time. Shipping time not included.

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How much does shipping cost?
In addition to discounts for flat-packing orders, Cabinets Quick checks every order for best carrier and rate to the delivery area.

Can I get a large order shipped in phases?
Yes. Large orders are frequently shipped in phases. Additional charges may be incurred for extra pallets or sorting of parts, etc. Please discuss your needs upon confirmation of the order.

Do you package in separate units?
No. When the components are shipped flat and unassembled, it would add greatly to the cost of delivery to sort and package the cabinet pieces individually. Cabinets Quick does provide assembly, however assembled boxes ship at a higher freight rate.

How much does shipping cost?
In addition to discounts for flat-packing orders, Cabinets Quick checks every order for best carrier and rate to the delivery area.


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